Digital Tools
Manuscript Study

We aim to create useful tools that improve researchers’ experience working with digitized manuscripts.


Digital Tools for
Manuscript Study


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IIIF-compliant image viewer

  • Load images from any IIIF-compliant repositories through manifests
  • Annotate images
  • Rotate and manipulate images
  • Download selected region or entire image
  • Compare images side by side

Omeka IIIF Plugin

Enables Omeka to interoperate with standard content repositories

  • Incorporate Mirador into your Omeka website
  • Create and store annotations and other IIIF items directly in Omeka
  • Search all IIIF items in Omeka
  • Export IIIF items as CSV


Manuscript collation web application

  • Build a new collation from scratch
  • Edit and manipulate collation diagrams
  • Add metadata onto visualizations
  • Export collation diagrams as JPG, PDF and more


Enables communication between IIIF-compliant repositories and standard tools

  • Push and pull images, annotations, manifests and collections from any IIIF-compliant repositories
  • Search for metadata in manifests and collections
  • Search for annotations